Contest in collaboration with Los Angeles County Office of Education

March 23 - MAY 22, 2020

What?!? A Contest?

#StandUpBeCounted Census Social Media Contest

March 23 – May 22nd, 2020

THREE Easy Steps to Enter!

  1. Create memes, short videos, graphics, dances, posters—any social media post, really! 

  2. Your post text should answer the question… Why is the census important to my family, my school and/or my community?
     50+ words recommended but max 100 (excluding #hashtags)

  3. Share your post on social media using these hashtags: #StandUpBeCounted #2020Census #IAgreeToContestRules


Who can participate?

  • Any student over 13 years old attending school in the U.S.
  • If you are a Los Angeles County student check the High School Hashtag List to include in your post.
  • We invite all students to participate to lead civic participation in your communities. YOU are our future!

What’s the prize?

  • The real prize is making a difference — getting out the count to ensure your community gets its fair share of money and power.
  • Your post will be amplified to millions by our super cool judges in music, entertainment, and sports.

  • Top 50 finalists will receive a USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Digital Activist Certificate (great for college applications) and Top 20 winners will also receive a social media creation kit.

How do I enter the contest?

How do I win?

By being your creative, funny and genuine self!

Read our guidelines!

Winners will be announced on Instagram @countthenation starting May 25th.